Training and Supervision

Post-Graduate Gynaecologic Oncology Subspecialty Supervision, Teaching and Assessment

Dr Ken Metcalf, 1995,  England

Dr Gabrielle Casper 1996, NSW

Dr Eng Hseon Tay, 1997, Singapore

Dr Geoffrey Low, 1997-1998, Singapore

Dr TY Ng, 1999, Hong Kong

Dr Rodney Petersen, 1999, Western Australia

Dr Danny Cheng, 2000, Hong Kong

Dr Andreas Obermair, 2000-2001,  Austria

Dr Geoffrey Otton, 2001, NSW

Dr So Fan Yip, 2002, Hong Kong

Dr Rosalina Yacob, 2002 Indonesia

Dr Isam Latiefeh, 2003, Jordan

Dr Russell Land, 2004, Queensland

Dr Jon Miller, 2005, South Australia

Dr Sellva Paramassivam, 2005, South Australia

Dr Andrea Garrett, 2005, Queensland

Dr Tom Walsh, 2006-2007, Ireland

Dr Kalyan Kumar Dhar, 2006-2007, United Kingdom

Dr Marcelo Carraro Nascimento, 2006-2007, Brasil

Dr Piksi Singh, 2007, South Australia

Dr Michael O’Leary, 2007, Ireland

Dr Stuart Salfinger, 2007-2008, Western Australia

Dr Petra Zusterzeel, 2008, Netherlands

Dr Graham Walker 2008-2009 Scotland

Dr Jason Tan, 2009-2010, Western Australia

Dr Amy Tang, 2009, Queensland

Dr Paul Cohen, 2010, New Zealand

Dr Naven Chetty, 2010-2011, New South Wales

Dr Michael Bunting, 2011, Tasmania

Dr Kym Reid, 2011,  Victoria

Dr Gahendra Raj Kader Ali Mohan, 2011, Malaysia

Dr Vivek Arora, 2012, Victoria

Dr Andreas Hackethal, 2012-2013, Germany

Dr Donal Brennan, 2012-2013 Ireland

Dr Archana Rao, 2013, New South Wales

Dr Adam Pendlebury, 2014, Victoria

Dr Joanna Arnold, 2014, Queensland   

Dr Nisha Jagasia, 2014-2015, Victoria

Dr Bianca Bryce, 2015, Queensland

Dr Murad Al Akar, 2015-16, Jordan

Dr Sinead Barry, 2016, Ireland

Dr Tom De Grieve, 2016-17, South Africa

Dr Pearl Tong, 2017, Hong Kong

Dr Shaun McGrath, 2017-18, Queensland

Dr James Beirne, 2018, Northern Ireland

Dr Shi-Ern Yao, 2018, Victoria

Dr Pip Shirley, 2019, New Zealand

Dr Emma Allanson, 2019, NSW