Welcome to the Practice

I am a Gynaecological Oncologist – that is a Gynaecologist trained in treatment of women with gynaecological cancers.  I also treat some women who do not have cancer, particularly women with pre-cancers and those with complicated and difficult gynaecological and pelvic conditions.  I understand that being referred with any of the above conditions can be a frightening experience.  Please note that a majority of patients with gynaecological conditions are cured of their disease. 

It is important to understand about your condition and how your condition will be treated.  I will endeavour to explain this to you during the consultation.  If you don’t understand any aspect of the explanation, I encourage you to ask questions.  In most circumstances I can provide you with literature to reiterate what will be discussed.   Some good internet sites regarding gynaecological cancers can be found at www.nci.nih.gov and www.uptodate.com/patients.  Family members or friends are encouraged to be present and are welcome at your discretion.

I can be contacted at the office number 07 3871 2290 or on the pager 38305339.  On some weekends and public holidays I may be away and patients will be cared for by one of my gynaecological oncology colleagues.  At all times a specialist Gynaecological Oncologist will be available for consultation.

I hope that together we can overcome  whatever condition has prompted your attendance.

Our Team

Tracey and Jill are enthusiastic (and long-suffering) staff who have worked with Dr Nicklin for over 15 years.  They have a comprehensive understanding about what it means to be a patient with significant gynaecological issues.  They are discrete and empathetic and can ease the medical journey.  Both can answer most questions about medical treatment and post-operative issues, and where they are uncertain, will involve Dr Nicklin.  They often assist with minor medical procedures.

For women attending from out of town, every effort will be made to fit in with travel schedules.  Assistance can be given to find local accommodation, where needed.  For some out-of-town patients, arrangements can be made to be seen on a Friday with view to surgery the following Monday (where appropriate).  They are a wealth of information when trying to navigate around the Wesley Hospital complex for blood tests, scans, bookings, admissions and the like.  They have excellent contacts all round the hospital.

Tracey and Jill will usually put together a quote for planned surgical procedures at the end of the consultation, or within a day or two.  They can assist with claiming rebates from health funds and Medicare.  They are a valued and important part of the team and they will certainly do all that they can to be of assistance.