GC RED Society

The Gynaecological Cancer Research Education and Development Society

Dr Nicklin is the founding Chairman and Board Member for this charity. The GC RED Society was established in 2017 as a not-for-profit charity organization to support research, education and development of services for women with gynaecological cancer. The forerunner of this society was a charity fund called the Research, Education and Development Fund (or RED Fund), which was established in 2007. From 2007 – 2016 finance from the RED Fund was used for the following purposes:

  1. Development and maintenance of the Queensland Trophoblast Centre Database.  This is a world leading database and management system that allows registration and tracking of patients with trophoblastic disease (neoplasm of the placenta).  This allows optimal management of patients often quite distant from major centres, and is an instrument for comprehensive quality assurance and for research. This database has put the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer at the forefront in management of this condition and will allow the opportunity to standardize care across all units in Australia.
  2. The RED Fund was used to finance multiple, so-called ‘Twilight Information Seminars’ for nursing and paramedical staff involved with gynaecological cancer
  3. Several clinicians, nurses, subspecialty training fellows and registrars have been sent to overseas centres to attend workshops, to attend and make presentations at international conferences.
  4. The RED Fund has sponsored regular Quality Assurance and Morbidity and Mortality Meetings.
  5. Several research projects were supported by the RED Fund.


The GC RED Society is a not-for-profit, charity organization registered with, and operating in accordance with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) Act.  Any donation to the Society of $2 or more is income tax deductible to the donor on income earned in Australia. ‘In-kind’ donations (items other than currency) may also be tax deductible.   The Society will issue the appropriate income tax deductible receipts. Donations should be made to:

The Gynaecological Cancer Research Education and Development Society

c/o YRD Event Management
PO Box 717
Indooroopilly, Qld 4065